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    Europack is aware of its responsibilities to society, employees, customers and the environment, to become an international company that pioneers technology, innovation, environment, occupational health safety and quality in the personal care products and hygienic products sector;

    -To develop product diversity and sales network by continuously improving the technology we use, our product and service quality,

    -To maintain the health and safety of employees by reducing occupational accidents and occupational diseases and to ensure continuous improvement by preventing errors from customer feedback,

    -To meet customer, consumer needs and expectations with the participation of employees conscious with effective management, communication and training equipment, to provide customer satisfaction with customer focus principle,

    -To systematically evaluate customer feedback objectively and transparently and to provide a solution that will make our customer happy, to give our customer the right to return,

    -Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, Product Requirements, Product Safety, GMP and Reach related legislation, environment and quality management system produced in environments in accordance with the requirements of quality, environmentally friendly and innovative products produced in the perspective of continuous improvement to our customers, to contribute to the happiness of society,

    -To carry out the necessary planning, preventive, and protective measures to prevent major industrial accidents, limit potential adverse effects on people and the environment and rehabilitate the environment,

    -Complying with internationally accepted ethical rules,

    -To protect the world and environment we live in with the principle of Social Responsibility, to reduce climate change and contribute to the protection of adaptation, biodiversity and ecosystem, to reduce risks and waste at the source, to use natural resources optimally and to recover renewable energy sources, to share our work with our employees, customers, suppliers and society,

    -To protect our knowledge and assets and to be aware of the risks associated with them, to comply with procedures and instructions by continuously improving risk-based approach, to reduce risks by engaging in regulatory preventive activities and to ensure business continuity,

    Europack is the duty of all of us as managers and employees.

    Taking measures to leave natural riches to future generations and sustainable development is our indispensable principle as the guarantee of the future.