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    In line with the quality policy; In order to reach the product and service quality that we have determined as our quality targets, the following special targets have been determined.

    1. To ensure that all our activities are reliable by ensuring compliance with the Regulations, relevant laws, regulations and regulations, thus preventing risks.
    2. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, to be in constant contact with the customers and to meet their expectations as soon as possible and to ensure that the results of the activity are measured and evaluated.
    3. To reduce customer complaints annually compared to the previous year.
    4. To announce that we can provide R&D support to our customers to participate in their special projects.
    5. To prevent occupational accidents and ensure business continuity by carrying out training, risk analysis and necessary activities with the Support of Experts on Occupational Health and Safety.
    6. Enabling internal and external trainings to ensure that employees are kept up to date on quality awareness.
    7. To ensure that employees are sensitive about the environment.
    8. To ensure the motivation of the employees and to create an effective working environment.
    9. To measure and evaluate the competition and quality levels of our suppliers. To be able to work with at least 2 suppliers for each item supplied.
    10. To carry out the installation and operation of ERP software to carry out our Production, Human Resources, Finance, Sales Purchasing, Quality Assurance activities in an integrated manner.
    11. To provide observation of improvement by conducting statistical studies on machinery, process and measurement capabilities.
    12. To prevent machine downtime and production disruptions caused by faults, especially by increasing the effectiveness of our maintenance activities.
    13. Reduce wastage rates by following.


    1. To ensure that our stakeholders are aware of our Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Goals
    2. To ensure the health and safety of the personnel working in the enterprise and all people visiting
    3. To minimize the possible losses by identifying all the health, safety and environmental risks and emergencies that may arise in the work environment.
    4. To protect the environment by supplying raw materials and auxiliary materials that are not harmful to nature, controlling their waste.
    5. Protecting the environment by using effective energy and natural resources
    6. To take the necessary precautions in all activities to ensure the disposal of the wastes resulting from our activities in a manner not to harm the nature, and to prevent environmental pollution.
    7. To carry out studies that will ensure continuous improvement and development in environmental activities.
    8. To determine environmental aspects, to comply with national and international legal and other requirements related to them
    9. To implement all the requirements of the environmental and occupational health and safety legislation and legal conditions in force and to fulfill the expectations of its customers.
    10. To create occupational health, safety and environmental awareness in employees,
    11. To ensure that hazards are determined in advance and eliminated by timely and accurate risk analysis.
    12. To meet the resource needs determined about occupational health and safety in a timely and complete manner
    13. To provide personal protective equipment completely and to ensure the use of personnel.