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    EuroPack, which aims at the best and aims to provide quality service to its customers, aims to create an employee profile that adopts information sharing and innovative thinking.

    While trying to achieve these goals;

    • To carry out the activities to be carried out by the company to achieve its goals with an optimum number of personnel,
    • To realize the selection and assignment of competent personnel suitable for the nature of the job,
    • Paying attention to and respecting the personality of the staff; to protect the protection of material and moral rights,
    • Providing suitable and safe working opportunities for the quality of the task,
    • Providing opportunities for the establishment of a work environment and social relations that increase the willingness and power of the staff,
    • Providing fair and equal opportunities to the personnel in terms of working, catching and developing according to their abilities,
    • Establishing the wage and personal rights system, which enables the presence of the quality and number of manpower required by the service and encourages the continuation of the duty without losing the interest and efficiency of the personnel,
    • To inform the staff on issues that concern them in a timely manner, to establish communication channels through which they can easily transfer their opinions and ideas to management,
    • Encouraging staff to think creatively and to produce new ideas that will contribute to the development of company activities,
    • In order to develop the corporate culture and identity of the company by protecting it, firstly assigning vacant positions to the vacant positions as much as possible, promoting employees by considering their skills, personality, success, collection and service periods,
    • It is based on the basic principles of establishing and implementing a performance and career system that will evaluate the personnel according to objective criteria and within equity measures.