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    Since its establishment, Europack has been working to fulfill its duties to society, the environment and its employees. In line with its social responsibility policy, Europack supports this effort with the perspective of “Providing a Positive Contribution to the Future of the Society” and acts in accordance with its principles with many projects that it has carried out and continues to carry out over the years.

    -To ensure that new generations grow up as more sensitive and equipped individuals.

    Europack operates in a structure that exists in every area of ​​life with its wide service network in different sectors. Europack takes care to fulfill its role in creating a better society by supporting educational projects in order to raise modern and contemporary new generations depending on the cultural, social values ​​of the society it is in.

    -To ensure sustainable development by developing business processes and projects that respect the environment.

    Natural resources are running out, living spaces are restricted, and the damage to nature by people increases exponentially every day. With the belief that companies will fulfill their duty to leave a more livable world for future generations, Europack works to support business organizations that organize their business models and processes in an environmentally sensitive manner, raise awareness of their employees and protect their natural life.